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Among the largest folks in golfing at this moment is arguably Michelle Wie. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii on Oct eleven, 1989; Michelle is earning headlines worldwide for her superb performances in womens situations, and significantly for her aggressiveness in competing in mens functions.

When You will find a little bit of talk these days in regards to the way she's supposedly acquiring easy access into events, I just thought wed 로스트볼 in its place check out some of her astonishing achievements up to now, that received her towards the wonderful place she is in now.

– Michelle http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=골프레슨 very first begun playing golf at age 4, and performed her very first eighteen hole spherical at age seven, scoring 14 more than par.

– At age twelve she was the youngest ever participant to qualify for an LPGA Match (the Takefuji Classic). Then at just thirteen a long time of age she grew to become the youngest at any time player to make an LPGA Lower within the Kraft Nabisco Championship.


– At just 14 yrs outdated she was previously above 6ft tall. And at only 15 she managed two 2nd put finishes in LPGA occasions, and skipped the Minimize into a number of mens events by just a few strokes.

– She turned pro just after she turned 16, and manufactured her initially Minimize right into a mens party. She is currently obtaining multi-million dollar Invites into a variety of different womens and mens gatherings, and she still hasnt turned seventeen.